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Useful Docker shell aliases, functions, and notes

Some useful shell aliases, functions, and notes if you use Docker.

Whenever you start a new Docker machine, you’ll also need to evaluate some environment variables so that the docker command knows which machine you’re interested in. It can get pretty tedius, so I use the following shell function/alias to save my sanity:

docker_machine_env() {
    eval $(docker-machine env $1)
alias dme=docker_machine_env

Now I simply docker-machine start default and dme default to get up and running quickly.

If you see a message similar to the following when trying to start your Docker machine:

VBoxManage: error: The machine 'default' is already locked for a session (or being unlocked)


$ vboxmanage list vms

to get a list of your Docker machine VMs, find the corresponding UUID for your the machine (default in the example above) and issue the following command:

$ vboxmanage startvm {vm-uuid} --type emergencystop

You may see some errors about The machine 'default' is not locked by a session but these can be ignored. Your machine should start as normal.

This happens reasonably often for me, since I work on a laptop. To save time, I have the following alias:

docker_machine_force_kill() {
    vboxmanage startvm $(vboxmanage list vms | grep $1 | awk '{print $2}') --type emergencystop 2>&1
alias dmfk=docker_machine_force_kill

A simple dmfk default; docker-machine start default will get me back up and running.

Originally posted: Sep 25 2016