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Subword movement in ZSH

Working on the terminal, we often have a keybindings for things like forward-word and backward-word; moving the cursor back and forth between “words” delimited by whitespace. If you work in emacs like I do, you might be used to “words” being delimited by non-letter characters, and therefore get a little frustrated by the default behavior.

For example, if we had the following line in our shell (cursor denoted by |):

$ cd /usr/local/bin|

My backward-word and forward-word keybindings are set to Alt-Left and Alt-Right respectively. I would expect, then, to hit Alt-Left and land 3 characters back, before the last /:

$ cd /usr/local/|bin

However, what actually happens is that I jump to the previous whitespace point:

$ cd |/usr/local/bin

To allow modification of this behaviour, we can edit the WORDCHARS variable in our ZSH config. By default, it is set to:


If I remove _, -, and /, I get the behavior I was expecting, which makes working with paths and files in the terminal so much easier!

Originally posted: Sep 24 2016