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OpenSolaris Cheat Sheet

Some very useful commands for working with OpenSolaris:

pfexec - sudo

prstat - top

pgrep - find the PID of process: pgrep cron

pstack - view the call stack of a process

pfiles - find the files opened by a process; similar to lsof

psig - list signal actions and handlers

man N proc - get more information on the process N

dtrace - dynamic tracing compiler and tracing utility

vmstat - virtual memory statistics; use in place of free

mpstat - show running information per processor; vmstat-like output

iostat - show system/device input/output

netstat - show network input/output, bound ports, etc.

modinfo - like lsmod

modload - like modprobe

modunload - like rmmod

scanpci - scan for PCI devices

psrinfo -v - show info on cpus; cat /proc/cpuinfo

prtconf - show hardware info; similar to lshw

beadm - manage boot environments

pkg - install/remove packages (similar to apt, yum)

svcs - view services; like redhat’s chkconfig --list

svcadm - administer services; service S start|stop > svcadm enable|disable S

svccfg - add or change services; like redhat’s chkconfig --add|--remove but more powerful

Originally posted: Nov 10 2012